Shock absorbers

Shock absorbers on the small hondas? Most people ride the 30-40 year old shock absorbers around the area and do not know what “modern” driving means.
It does not only depend on good new tires, but also the dampers should be adjusted!
Since the end of 2016 I have the YSS shock absorbers in the program. Old 30 year old shock absorbers have only a spring effect, the damper oil is already history!

Supply is now sufficient and the customer resonance has shown several times that a exchange is more than worthwhile. Even I had upgraded 3 of my mopeds in advance and learned the difference. True to the motto: First test, then offer!

The shock absorbers are available in 300 mm length for the Honda CY and XL, as well as 330 mm length for the CB50.

They are not soft shock absorbers, nor are they the most advanced shock absorbers – these are ideally suited for the Honda. If you do not like, you can claim your right of revocation!

Maybe you still need the one or the other little thing and these can be delivered with an order value of 150, -EUR within DE Shipping costs free?


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